Getting Started with Strength Pro

The videos below will help you get started creating your teams and entering your athletes.  The second video shows how to customize your workouts and exercises.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q – I just signed up for my Strength Pro account.  What should I do first?

A – We recommend setting up a team first, and then create athletes and assign then to that team.  Watch the video above to see how easy it is to do.

Q – How many athletes can I add to my team?

A – There is no limit to the number of athletes you can add to a team or to your account.

Q – How many teams can I create?

A – There is no limit to the number of teams you can create.  You can have a many or as few as you would like.

Q – Can Strength Pro be used for any sport?

A – Strength training is of the upmost importance for all athletes in all sports.  Strength Pro can be used for everyone and for all sports.

Q – We have four different levels of teams in our high school basketball program.   Should I put all of the players into one basketball team, or create different teams for each level?

A – It depends on your workouts.  If all players are doing the same lifting program, you could put them all in one team.  However, your 9th grade team might by on a different lifting program than your varsity players, so it might be better in that case to create different teams.  You can do either and you have the flexibility to decide what works best for you.

Q – I have a football player who also competes in wrestling.  Do I need to create another athlete profile for him in the winter for the wrestling team?

A – No.  All you need to do is reassign that athlete to the new team.  In this case change from football to wrestling.  All of the athlete’s data will move as well.

Q – If I want to create my own program, what are my options for number of days, exercises, sets, etc.?

A – The number of days can range from 1 all the way up to 7 if you like.  You can include up to 10 different exercises.  The maximum number of sets you can have is 14!  Needless to say, we have you covered here.

Q – I really like the workouts that Strength Pro has, but would like to add another exercise to each day.  Is it possible to do that?

A – While you can’t edit the global workout templates we have, you can copy them and then edit anything after that.  You can add or change exercises, change the number of sets or reps, change intensity levels – everything.  This is a great way to start designing your own programs.  Start with one of our’s, and then adjust it the way you need to.

 Q – One of my favorite exercises isn’t listed.  Can I still add it in?

A – Sure, just click on “Custom Exercises” at the top and then “Create Exercise”.  You can add as many as you like.  If you can figure out if a 1-rep max of the new exercise is a certain percentage of either the clean, back squat or bench press, then Strength Pro can calculate the weights used for that new exercise.  For example, if you add something like a kettlebell side lunge, and know that the weight used is about 25% of a back squat, then the weights for that exercise will be shown when you generate the workouts.

Q – Isn’t it a big hassle creating personalized lifting programs and then having to try to print out each one?  I’m a coach and I don’t have time to waste printing a bunch of workouts each week.

A – One of the most powerful features of Strength Pro is the ability to print workouts for an entire team at once.   You don’t have to print each workout separately for each player.   Just set all athletes to “Yes” for “Print with team” and the click print.  Strength Pro will generate all the workouts for your team and create one file for you to print.

 Q – What if I have different athletes doing different lifting programs, but are on the same team.  Can I still print everyone together?

A – Yes, you can.  Strength Pro will generate whatever program(s) you have set for the athletes, and will create a single file to print.

Q – What if I don’t want to print an entire team’s workout, but need to print one for a single athlete.  Can I do that?

A – Yes.  You can generate workouts for one athlete too.  It doesn’t have to be for a whole team.

Q – I don’t want to print out workouts for my players.  Is there a way I can send the workouts to their phones instead.

A – Yes!  All you need is the player’s email address, and enter it in on their profile.  Then instead of clicking on “Print”, click on “Email” to send the workout to them.  And like printing workouts for a whole team, you can also email workouts to a whole team at once too.

Q – What are my printing/emailing options?  Do I have to print a whole training phase, or can I do one week at a time?

A – You print or email just one week of your choice.  Or if you have designed a 12-week program you can print the whole thing, or anything in between.  Just select the range of weeks you would like to print or email.

Q – I am a Physical Education teacher.  Could I use Strength Pro with my Weight Training and Fitness classes?

A – Strength Pro works great for PE classes!  Create a new “team” with the class name, create and assign your students to the team/class, and begin generating workouts for them to use in school.

Q – If we have several coaches at our school that would like to use Strength Pro, do they each need their own account?

A – They could, but we recommend one account for the whole school.  It will make things much easier for everyone, and will save a lot of time, not having duplicate athletes and re-entering information.  It will make tracking an athlete’s progress much easier too.  If athletes work with different coaches in the weight room, during different seasons, just reassign the athlete to a different sport as they change seasons.  All of their data will stay with them in the system.